City of Minneapolis - Target Market Program


The City of Minneapolis has an exciting new opportunity for entrepreneurs like you.

The Target Market Program is a new contracting process where eligible small businesses will get priority for City contracts up to $100,000 instead of competing against larger, more established businesses. Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, City contract managers must select a small business for contracts under $100,000 anytime there are three or more qualified, enrolled small businesses available.

There are many benefits of participation in the Target Market Program. Current City suppliers who enroll in the Target Market Program will be able to more easily focus their efforts on responding to contracting opportunities they know they are qualified for, and will only compete against other businesses of a similar size. For those new to City contracts, the Target Market Program is a great way to get a foot in the door as the City seeks to diversify our pool of suppliers.


If there are businesses you work with that you think would benefit from the Target Market Program, we need your help. The Target Market Program only works if small businesses enroll and participate; if fewer than three enrolled businesses respond to a given contracting opportunity (RFP or Bid), that contract will revert back to the current City contracting process, with businesses of all sizes included in the pool. To help make this program a success, please help us spread the word.


To assist you in sharing this new program with your networks, we have put together a “Target Market Communications Toolkit” (see attached.) This document includes sample language for newsletters, social media posts, emails, and a flier about the Target Market Program, in multiple languages. Please feel free to use any or all of these tools to spread the news about this program.

With questions or for more information about the Target Market Program, including eligibility criteria and enrollment information, check out this website or contact the City of Minneapolis Procurement Office at  or (612) 673-2500.

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