City of Minneapolis Target Market Program

September 2, 2016

Via City of Minneapolis:

The City of Minneapolis has an exciting new opportunity for small businesses.

The Target Market Program is a new contracting process where eligible small businesses will get priority for City contracts up to $100,000 instead of competing against larger, more established businesses. Beginning Jan. 1, City contract managers must select a small business for contracts under $100,000 anytime there are three or more qualified, enrolled small businesses available.

To be eligible for the Target Market Program, your business must be independently owned and controlled, be a for-profit business, have its primary place of business within the 13-county metro area, and have sales that do not exceed the small business threshold for your industry (see below):

Maximum Gross Receipts (Sales) by Industry

  • Construction: $10 million
  • Manufacturing Operations: $5 million
  • Professional/Technical Services: $5 million
  • Retail Operations: $3 million
  • Service Operations: $3 million
  • Wholesale Operations: $4 million

Get more details on eligibility criteria.

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