Rainbow Site Update

From Councilmember Cam Gordon’s Ward 2 newsletter:

On August 28, Wellington presented the status of their redevelopment plans for project, called the “Minnehaha Crossing,” at the old Rainbow grocery store site at 27th Ave and 29th Street. Currently a portion of the building has been renovated and is housing Universal Academy charter school.  Next year the school will be relocated in the eastern portion of the old grocery store and there will be a new front door to the school on 29th. They have an agreement with Aldi Grocery Store to lease a portion of the old Rainbow store, and are looking for another commercial tenant or tenants to rent the space where the charter school is now. At the meeting they also shared plans, yet to be submitted to the City for approval, for a 5 story apartment building along 29th, where the parking lot is now, that would include retail uses on the first floor. For more information visit

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