Urban Forage Winery Cider House opens in Nov

from The Growler

Since January, Urban Forage Winery & Cider House has been equal parts winery and construction zone. On their way to opening a taproom at their production winery and cider house, owners Jeff and Gita Zeitler spent months replacing the building’s roof, remodeling the front entryway, installing a new HVAC system, hanging drywall, and building the bar area within the 100-year-old building. Finally, they’re done.

The taproom at 3016 East Lake Street is set for a grand opening celebration on November 17 and 18 filled with live music from local jug band One Ukulele and Eastern European folk/pop tunes from SlovCzech, plus lots of wine and cider to go around.

Urban Forage plans to have at least two ciders on tap right way, expanding to four on tap within the month, with wine in the works, too.

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