The Longfellow Business Association takes a holistic approach to business support. We partner with local nonprofits to work together on issues affecting our community like commercial and residential development, community safety and livability, and policy changes.

LBA is looking to expand our partnership potential! If you’re intersted in partnering with us for an event or action, email us at .


The Longfellow Business Association has several committees dedicated to helping us advance our mission. Our committees are made up of passionate business owners with expertise, experience, or interest committee topics. We seek out and nurture leaders in our business community, and especially value those who can share their individual perspectives and reflect on parts of the community that may not otherwise be heard.  Find more information on our committees below. We are always looking for more skilled and motivated participants!


LBA’s membership committee focuses on recruiting and retaining members. This committee ensures that LBA is advocating for the diverse business community in our neighborhood.


The communications committee develops strategies and content to advance and improve LBA’s mission through digital and print marketing, programs and projects, and community partnerships.


Our events committee helps plan and execute LBA events including our annual event and legislative session.


LBA’s finance committee oversees the organization’s financial records, budget, and helps decides how the organization allocates funding.