The Bungalow Club Mural by Local Artist Megan Moore

Swing by and check out one of the new murals in the neighborhood. This past summer, local artist Megan Moore worked with the owners of The Bungalow Club to paint a mural on west side of the building located at 43rd Ave E Lake Street. Moore, a LoLa artist and LBA member said she loved working on this project:

“Chatting with neighbors and passersby, and creating public art just blocks from my home, was wonderful. The inspiration was the fauna and flora of the Longfellow neighborhood. I love how many people had stories about the eagles, foxes, and turkeys. The Bungalow Club owners are very supportive of the community and artists—it was easy and fun to collaborate with them.”

This partnership was funded through Lake Street Council placemaking grants. Look for more this Fall from Megan Moore as she partners with Wildflyer Coffee for an Artist in Residence program.

And if it’s been a while since you stopped by The Bungalow Club, head on over! Homemade pasta or charcuterie platters by Chef Andrew Kraft are a must. Or, stop by the Bungalow Market on Thursdays and Sundays to stock up on delicious pastas, sauces, prepared foods, wines, beer and other surprises, so you can prepare your Bungalow Club favorites in your own kitchen.